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in the beginning...

The BAR is a community of enthusiastic people that endeavor to empower everyone that has a desire for competition. Through a variety of collaboration and networking, the BAR seeks to be the platform for ALL.  We believe that competing is about setting new standards within the individual and within the collective. 


The people at the BAR seek to improve competitive accessibility thorough social networks, dissemination of information, and technology. 


The BAR exists to connect all forms of competition; however, our beginnings come from physical fitness. We began with a passion for competition through weight training. We envisioned the BAR becoming the worldwide leaderboard for any and all sport or movement that could be standardized and quantifiably measured.  So, in 2015, we launched our first leaderboard – the 1000-Pound Club. 

We became an organization of athletes, coaches, and facilities that are devoted to the simple notion of physical training and fitness.


Today we are still, primarily, driven by the strength & condition space; however, we know that competition and the desire of our community to connect through more than traditional sport is upon us. 

Where do we go from here?


Competition is a very opened-ended idea, but we believe that exploring technology and affords everyone the opportunity to connect through competition is worthwhile. We are resolute in creating a network of first adopters that love connecting and thrive upon competing. We believe this fundamentally happens in-person, but we also understand the importance of scaling the competition field.  Therefore, our next step will be digital. 


We hope you join us every step of the way. Challenge yourself and set a new bar – whatever that means to you. 


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“Heavy things don't lift themselves”

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